Adopting a Ragdoll Kitten

A non refundable pet deposit of $250 is required to hold any pet quality Ragdoll kitten, and a $500 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold a Show/Breeder Ragdoll Kitten. A sales contract must also be executed.  

All Ragdoll kittens must be paid for before being shipped or on adoption day.

Ragdoll Kittens must be at least 10-12 weeks of age before being adopted, some are slower to mature and may need additional time. Kittens that are shipping need to be at least 11 and preferable 13 weeks old before shipping. How old should a kitten be when it goes to a new home?

Ragdoll Kittens will have received all age appropriate vaccinations, and had at least 1 exam by our Veterinarian.

All Ragdoll kittens are eligible for a Two year Health Guarantee. However, buyers are required to fill out a sales contract and read the terms and conditions of the Contract to be eligible for the Two Year Health Guarantee, and follow the guidelines. A contract will be presented upon request.

All Ragdoll kittens will be spayed or neutered prior to being adopted. NO EXCEPTIONS. Early Spay/Neuter article. If you find yourself talking to another breeder that does not practice early spay or neuter they are likely a Backyard breeder and have no interest in the quality of the kittens Life. Or if have a Vet that does not follow this policy, I suggest you find yourself a Vet that is following up to date practices.


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