Blue Mitted- 3 Months Old

Jan 20

I purchased a female kitten from you on December 20th. ... I just have to tell you that I am so glad I purchased this kitten. She is so wonderful and brings much joy to myself and my 3 little girls. She has proven very therapeutic for all of us since my husband passed away. I don't go a day without laughing or feeling good due to her. I just LOVE this kitty.
I won't keep you. I just had to let you know how incredible she was.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks soo much!
Bobbie - Red oak Texas



Seal Point- 6 Months Old

Jan 10, 2009

The entire Crowder family in Austin hopes you had a great Christmas and we wish you a happy 2009. I've attached a picture of our Sammy so you can see how he looks at 6 months. He's on top of his "throne," his scratching post. He used to be able to run and jump up on it without incident, but now he's grown a bit, so when he jumps up on it now it sometime topples over!

He has brought so much joy to our lives! He is such a sweetheart and loves to play. His favorite toys are feathers and mice with tails (the fake ones, of course)! He has a favorite "blankie" that he attacks, and we found a small stuffed kitty at Hallmark that looks just like him so he jumps all over that and then loves on it. His color continues to come in, and I'll send you a photo in July when he's a year old so you can see how he has grown.

We are so happy to have him and are taking very good care of him. I don't see how you can let these Ragdolls go, because they are so adorable.
Lynne, Calvin and Erin


Black Toffee

Black Smoke Mitted- Pictured 4 weeks old

July 9, 2008

Our kitten is doing so beautifully,  bonding with each member of the family,  adored by and adoring the eleven year-old border collie-lab. The indoor-outdoor four year old male cat is falling in love with her (she will be indoor only). She is healthy and clear,  just received second set of inoculations from a great cat only vet.  You named her Black Toffee;  we call her Bouchee (Bou SHAY),  or Boo,  Boo Boo,  the French for a dollop of cream or milk or whipped crema on anything,  meaning a bit of cream is on the lip-- her little mark which john loves on her mouth.  We cherish her.  Thank you all so very much. Beth and Family.


Midnight Wispurr

Chocolate/Seal Point- 9 months old

July 4, 2008

Attached is a picture of me with Midnight Wispurr that was taken yesterday.  He is a true joy to me and I love him dearly.

Hi Ryan and Happy New Year to you!
Midnight Wispurr is doing just great.  He is such a joy and he makes my heart "smile" a lot.  Everyone who has seen this little kitten thinks he is absolutely the cutest kitten ever (and I have to agree).  :)
He has made up with everyone (except Casper my white cat).  She's sort of a grouch but I hope she mellows with age. 
Wispurr's personality is perfect.  He is very social when I have visitors and he loves everyone.  He still sleeps on my pillow every night and loves affection.
I revisited your website today and wanted to commend you on a teriffic job.  I love the music - very nice arrangement of Pacabel's Canon in D.  I had that played at my wedding instead of the traditional wedding march, so it was bittersweet to hear it again.
Thanks again for bringing Midnight Wispurr into my life.  You can't imagine what a joy and a comfort he is.
Hope all is well with you and your mother.
Take care and may God Bless,


March 25, 2008

Hello Ryan,
I have the boys with me now and it is love at first sight. Thank you sooooooo much. Everything worked out perfectly fine at the airport and at home they were eating, drinking and using their toilet within 5 minutes. They just had a nap by my side and now they follow me around wherever I am going and explore my apartment and collect dustbunnies everywhere. Maybe I should call them Swiffer I & II ;-) No, just kidding, I will call them Monty (the mitted one) and Jack (the bicolor one). I will keep you updated on their development and send some pictures.

Till then, have the perfect vacations.
Claudia. -Switzerland

Chocolotta Luke: Seal/Chocolate point Male

July 4, 2008- 4 Months

Hi Ryan,
Wanted to let you know that Luke is doing great. He has already grown so much since we brought him home! I attached a few pics that I took of him today.


Kristi L Perez




Chocolotta Sunny: Flame point Male

June 20, 2008- 4 Months



Here are some pictures of Sunny, I have been promising.  Let me know what you think and if you get them okay.  As you can see he is quite spoiled and loved.  He brings much happiness to our family.  I forgot how playful and wild kittens are...you must have your hands full.  Sunny is full of mischief until he wears himself out then he likes to cuddle.  I will get his 3rd shot when due.  Thanks for the response.  Have a great weekend!

Mary- New York




Chocolotta Sugarpie- Tortie Bicolor Female

April, 2008- 3 Months

Hi Ryan! Just wanted to say hello from Sugarpie and me.  I can't believe it has been 6 weeks since she came into our lives.  I will send a picture soon.  The best are of her playing in the bathroom sink.  She loves to play on the bathroom vanity when I get dressed in the morning.

She and Cinderella are still having a love /hate relationship.  Sugar loves to torment her by following Cin all over the house.  Cinderella growls and hisses like nothing I have ever heard.  She reaches out to whack her but never really does.  Sugar is still ban from the bedroom at night, but doesn't seem to mind.

Here's a question for you.  Sugar makes these little chirping noises.  The noise sounds almost like a bird.  She does it when she is chasing a bug or playing.  Is that something ragdolls do?  It is so cute!

Her color on her face is changing.  She is getting darker around her eyes and on her forehead.  In fact she looks like she just got her ashes put on for Ash Wednesday!

I will send a picture soon.  But as you can tell I am loving her.  She was exactly what I needed to help me get over the loss of my standard poodles.  OH!  She even kisses!!
                                                              Fondly, Lisa  New Orleans, LA


Chocolotta Reeses: Chocolate Lynx Male

Hi Ryan

Last Sunday we took Reeses to his first show.
He had no problems with all the people and the noise and he was purring all the time or just sleeping in his cage. He was entered with the kittens 6-9 months males.
We had a German judge and he really loved Reeses.
This was the comments we got on his papers:

Head: Very good shape. Broad nose, needs to straighten a little bit. Excelent ear set, good chin, ex.eye shape and very good eye color.
Body: Long, strong and muscular. Broad chest. Ex. boning, Solid legs. Very well in proportion.
Coat: Already soft and silky. Good length, ex. Light bodycolor, good point color.
Tail: Good length, no faults
Condition: Very good
Remarks: Compliments for the presentation, a promising young man
Qualification: Excelent 1

We were surprised to get a special price for Reeses. He was the only chocolate ragdoll at the show so the judge can give a speciale price if there are less than 3 cats in the same color if the cat is good enough. We also got called back for a nomination for best male 6-9 months but he lost that to a blue mitted boy that was almost 2 months older.
Renée was chatting so much she forgot to take pictures when Reeses was being judged.
On the next show reeses is going to be photographed by a professionnal.
Next month I will enter him for a Tica show in June just to see how he likes that.

Best wishes

Kim, Renée and Reeses... -Belgium





Cooper: Seal Lynx Mitted Point 4 years old

Rare Major Texas Snow- March 2008

Cooper was secretly Liking it!


Samantha: Seal Lynx Point

Ryan,           Feb 12, 2008

Hope all is well...we LOVE our beautiful Samantha! She is absolutely amazing and has a wonderful personality; she is truly part of our family. I attached a recent picture of her (tried to get family members in it but WE all came out terrible).

Thank you again! Samantha has exceeded our expectations.

- New Jersey

Leonardo and Maggie: Red Bicolor and Tortie

Ryan,  1/16/2008

My mother has just gotten back from Dallas, and brought the good news about our kitten-to-be: Vicky.
She was quite surprised to see how Leonardo has grown and is getting bigger than Maggie. They are both very happy , loving cats and a great joy for us, specially me. When I get home from work they are there at the front door waiting to greet me, play and fill my heart with that catty-love. They seem to love their home in Rio de Janeiro !

And , yes, I´m very happy to know that my mother will be able to bring our Vicky home some time in May. We have talked quite a bit about what kitten we´d like to have , and after a little bit of research on the web, I think it would be great to have a a blue bicolor (if possible lynx) ragdoll. What kind of litter do you expect to have born in February?

I´ve been reading a lot about ragdolls and the more I read the more I know that I made the right choice in getting both Leonardo and Maggie, and they are everything the books say about ragdolls!

I´m attaching pictures of my “family” with me.

Hope you had a great Holliday Season and hope to hear from you soon!


Dear Ryan,  12/16/2007
First of all , I´m soooooooooooo very sorry for not having been in contact for such a long time. We´re all very happy here in Rio, both cats and myself! They did adapt beautifully to the climate and their new home with me. We are a family now, and can´t picture life without them.
Every day they come up with something new, new playing skills and definitely lots of love and purring...I´m attaching pictures of my “family” so that you can see how gorgeous they are.
Best regards and wishing you a great Holliday Season,

Antonio- Brazil


Hearthrobb: Seal Bicolor Male

Thanks so much for raising such a wonderful kitten! He is the sweetest addition to our family! I'll keep you updated with photos of his growth and maturity. I have attached a photo our my family with our newest addition, Moses (Mo),
Thanks again,

I may be in touch this summer for another kitten...

Aimee and Family- Ohio




Peanut M&Ms: Chocolate Point- Cinnamon Program



Sinatra: Flame mitted

We have fallen in love with this special breed of cats.


Jill first became interested in Ragdolls after loosing her cat that she had for twelve years, Little Guy. Little Guy (who was a girl) had the softest bunny type fur. When we lost her, Jill wanted another cat and researched and found the ragdolls. They have a soft bunny like fur and are known for their puppy like personality and extra large size. At the time, we couldn't fustify spending the rather high prices which one will find ragdolls to be. This year though for Christmas, Eddie was set on giving Jill a ragdoll. Eddie found a wonderful breeder, Ryan of RagLegends, who lived in Texas. It was a wonderful surprise and we picked him up right before Thanksgiving. That little kitten was everything that we had read about the ragdolls being. He was not afraid of anything (one of the reasons a ragdoll can never be let out) and had a personality of a little monster, but in a good way! An awful tragedy happened over Christmas and we lost our beloved Sinatra. We contacted Ryan and he currently doesn't have any kittens but we will be obtaining another kitten from him in the near future.

We have obtained another ragdoll, Dallasrags Baldasar Nakr, as the house seemed to be so empty without the tinkering of a cat. This ragdoll is not the same as Sinatra but alot of that is due to his poor upbringing and lack of socialization. If you are looking for a Ragdoll breeder, please contact us before going to any of the breeders in the Dallas area. We would like to give you our personal experience with these breeders. Baldasar is coming out of his shell and in time will hopefully be as well socialized and as loving as Sinatra. He has came a long way so far! He is very beautiful but not quie all Ragdoll, there is a Ragamuffin in his pedigree that is 'hidden' there. The sepia coloring has been added in an outcross done to a Ch Ragmuffin stud back in the mid ninty's. Almost all "minks" can be traced back to this one breeding. The breeder of my kitten assured me that the lines were pure and he could trace his kittens all the way back to the original ragdolls, which is unfortunatly, not correct. The male ragamuffin utilized in the breeding of that original outcross to get the sepia color that produces the 'mink' colors was outcrossed to a persian three generations (I believe, I don't have it in front of me and am by no means an authority on ragdolls) before the breeding with the ragdoll female. In ragamuffins, outcrossing are allowed in their standard but there are also guidelines (which one can only imagine, were not followed). I was informed of this and sure enogh, with just a little research, that is where my little Baldasar comes from. Still a very beautiful kitten, but goes to show you that some breeders will do anything to 'breed' what they want without regard for the breed itself.

 -Jill and Edward Killeen, Texas

Manhattan: Lilac Lynx Bicolor

Hi Ryan,

I just wanted to touch base and let you know that Manhattan is doing wonderful! He has adjusted so nicely and we are amazed with the demeanor and playfulness of the Ragdoll breed. Manhattan is so lovable and so much fun!
We had a difficult Christmas ... but Manhattan was the bright spot of our holiday. He was such a joy and still is. Thank you for all that you did for him. He had a great start in life and we feel very blessed to have him in our family.
Now that things are settling down on the parental front I will be forwarding you pictures shortly.

Thanks for all of your help - Joanie

Blue Mousse Aka Maverick: Blue mitted (cinnamon carrier)


Jan 14, 2008

Hi Ryan,

Hope all is well with you and yours. Maverick and I are doing great! He is so happy, and he seems to be loving his new home. We couldn't be happier. I thought I would include some pictures taken this weekend. He is such a sweetheart and such a blessing. Thank you again! Let me know if you have any trouble opening the photos.


____________________________________Dec 30, 2007___________________________________________

Hi Ryan,

I wanted to let you know that Mousse (aka Maverick) is making a great transition into his new home! He was very relaxed in the car, and he was very curious when he arrived. After sniffing around a bit he sat by my side and purred the night away. He has been playful and has continued to purr a lot. I attached some pictures for you to keep until the next batch. I'll keep you updated. Thank you again for a fabulous little kitten. He is going to be very spoiled! :)




Chocolate Lynx Mitted


Dec 8, 2007


 We received Callaway on time and happy today!! He's even more cute in person. I have attached a picture with my daughter Johanna. We surprised her for her 8th Birthday, coming up on Monday. ... it's so nice for her to have her very own best pal!
Thank you again and we will keep in touch with progress ...

Michael- Boston, MA



Tortie Bicolor    

Dec 03, 2007


Just a note to let you know Joy is fitting in well. She was kept in our first bathroom over night, it is carpeted and very big. She likes playing in the sink and bathtub =)) So does Baby so I'd imagine they will be getting into trouble together at one point.

She is acclimating with Baby and my daughter's Siamese. I believe she will be a great companion to Baby. She is eating and has used the litter box. I know why I prefer the older kittens, as they are more receptive to using their litter boxes. She can jump and climb on just about everything in our home with the exception of my waterbed. She soon will be able to climb up to it.

Since I was the first to have her in my arms she has attached herself to me following my every footstep through the house. I went home for lunch (I am at work) and found her in the sink of the bathroom as I did not want to leave her out with the other two cats just yet. After tonight I am sure she will be no problem to leave out with the other two. She was not happy that I had to leave her to come back to work. She is full of energy and character and has the cutest little meow. She will be a talker just like Baby.

Thank you again Ryan. She is the sweetest edition to our family. I will send you pictures and keep you posted as to how she is doing.

Dawn- Kansas


 Chocolotta's Rockey-

 Solid Chocolate and white     


Solid Chocolate Kater Rockey mit 11 Monaten

Nov17, 2007

Hi Ryan!
I was just visiting your homepage and can only say – WOW!!! ... The pictures are really great! What lovely kittens you have, I’m really impressed! And the new parts of your homepage tell what kind of breeder you are: honest and consequent and responsible for your kittens. I’m really glad and proud to be able to work together with you! J
Rockey and Ithany develop very well; I’ll have to take some pictures of Rockey the following weeks. His fur brightens and he’s so sweet in all his doing – we’re delighted! And Ithany is to be a sweet little devil here in the house, she’s playing like a fool with the others, running, jumping, climbing everywhere – and, heaven!, she’s SO FAST! During her repose phases she prefers to sleep either on the scratch tree or on the knees of my children if they’re available. My impression is that she’s really feeling fine. She already goes out in the garden but not for long; it’s too cold I guess. Actually (7.30 p.m.) it’s 2.4 degrees outside – and Ithany certainly is inside. *smile* We love her very much because she’s always friendly, curious, cuddly – and a little crazy sometimes, just like we are, too. It’s fun to have her here – thank you!

The best wishes from all the Satinova’s to you,
Sandra J _ Germany

 Chocolotta's Samantha-

Seal Lynx Point     

Oct 1, 2007

I just want to thank you again... we are beyond happy with our kitten; she is absolutely wonderful, We are all so in love with Samantha... she is so beautiful and her personality is amazing.

Thanks again
Robyn _ New Jersey





Dec 9, 2004

Baily is doing really well.  He sleeps with Gracie most of the night and then goes in and sleeps with Will (my 7 year old).  He hops up in my lap when I'm at the computer.  He's very playful and happy.  He's not eating as much as I'd expect.  I got all the foods you mentioned except the Wellness brand which I couldn't find, so I got Iam's brand of canned kitten food, and I mix it with a little of the hairball food and the Science Diet food.

Have you ever bathed Baily?  Years ago I had an indoor cat, Mr. Mick, and he would let me bathe him every few months.  The main reason is that it helps my husband not have an allergic reaction - clears a lot of the dander and stuff.
When you photograph your cats, how do you get their eyes to look normal?  I've got red eye on my digital, but it doesn't work with Baily.  Unfortunately, I don't have PhotoShop.  I may need to get it.
Anyhow, I think Baily is adjusting beautifully.  Yesterday he and my son were sound asleep together on the floor - at the top of the stair landing.  Will had his hand lying on Baily just slightly, and they were both snoozing away.  It was great!
Carlene -South Carolina






Dec 22, 2004

We love her. LOVE her. She is the sweetest kitten in the world. We couldn't be happier and she fit right in at home. She is very happy.  What kind of food did you feed her, we bought her kitten hard food.
I will email you pictures shortly.
Thank you again.




Tortie Bicolor




Oct 31, 2004

Thanks for all the info. She is a wonderful cat---following us everywhere.  She does NOT like to be alone.  She slept with us last night ---purring all night long.  She has a personality very much like the one I lost last spring that I was so attached to. Noodle follows us around, too and is very upset and jealous, but I know she will accept her soon and they will be great buddies.  Have many names in mind---maybe Sorella which is Italian for sister, or Bella, Serena, Gidget , Lassie, Godiva, Kahlua, or M'aggie (for my Aggie).  Big decision!!! Who knows, we may come up with more.

You have been so helpful, and if we ever need another cat (hopefully not), we will track you down.  I am sure we will never have anything but a Ragdoll.  They are so wonderful, it is worth the money. After all, they are part of the family for many years.

Thanks for everything--- will send a picture in a few months.

Donna, Texas


Since I have raved so much about the kitten we just got from you, my
sister is interested in getting one for her adult daughter for
Christmas. Do you have any left? Which ones?

I sent you some pictures of our kitty, but they must not have come
through-- maybe this will work. Yes, I think we have hundreds. We
ended up calling her Punkin because of the time of year we got her and
she was just so sweet. We haven't registered her yet and given her a
proper name. We never actually registered Noodle because we know she
is a Ragdoll and we do not plan to sell or breed her--- we just love
her as part of the family. I think I may want to register Punkin,
though--- I am no sure why--- just for fun I guess.
Have a wonderful Christmas!!!




March 5, 20044

Hello Ryan, Sorry you haven't received photos yet. I've been meaning to get a digital camera. I recently took pictures with a disposable camera. I can't find your address. I will send the photos as soon as I have your address again. She's getting so big! She enjoys the other two cats and they love her so much. Thank you so much for making her possible. What a cutie pie!
Erin in Phoenix



Blue Bicolor


Feb 18, 2004

Hi Ryan,
"Bach" now "Cheshire" is doing great!  We just love him!  I am entering him in his first show next weekend.  I am looking forward to it.  I went to my first show a couple of weeks ago to learn more about it all and I think he will do quite well.

Linda _ Spicedolls Cattery California


Ryan, we adore Rollo and he is turning out wonderfully.  He is about 10 1/2 lb. already at 6 mos. old and his coat is really filling out.  He is definitely going to be a big boy and he is so affectionate.

Linda _ Spicedolls Cattery California


Seal Point Male     

Feb 4, 2004


I got a new digital camera today so I'll be able to send updated pictures as I take them.  I'm sending one now hope it turned out.  I've got a few more I took but the file sizes are about 800 plus kilobytes.  Still playing and figure out the camera. He is doing just great.  Really playful and affectionate.  Talk to you later.
Jeff- Texas



Hi Ryan,
I'm not sure if you remember me or not . . . this is Julie , we bought two ragdolls from you, Mitzi and Mandy.  Our son is interested in a kitten and I wasn't sure if you were still breeding the ragdolls or not, but he loves both of ours so I thought I'd check with you first. 
Hope all is well with you and thanks for any information you can send my way.
Julie - Austin Texas




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